Monday, November 17, 2008

Gowns around Australia

These are way overdue in being sent out but better late than never right.

These gowns are being sent to a NICU in Victoria

These ones are going to a NICU in South Australia

And these are going to a NICU in the ACT

Just a few to make sure they work for these NICU's as i am not 100% sure on the designs that they may use there. I am sure these bright little numbers will bring smiles to many NICU Mums and Dads


Jo - GAD said...

I've said it over & over again - you are one amazing woman! You truly are an inspiration, K. All the gowns are gorgeous.

Mandii said...

You are AMAZING! You have such a large family..who you would do anything for...and you still find the time to make all these gorgeous gowns for those precious little bundles!

lilaussieprem said...

You are so dedicated not only to your family but also with helping so many families and babies around Australia. Your gowns and designs are just amazing and you can see how much of your heart goes into each one. :)