Friday, September 12, 2008

The cutest fabric EVER!!!

I came across half a yard of the cutest fabric on the face of the earth. I knew i just had to buy it and then later on figure out what i would do with it.

Finally today, whilst the weather has been so nice i have put together a pair of gorgeous shorts for Ethan...yes i do actually sew for my kids LOL

I had to find something that would match for a top and found another piece of fabric from the same story that is just as cute.

So whilst it is sunny, the extra is out on the line drying so i can cut it up and appliqué it to a shirt tonight...all going to plan he *may* get to wear it tomorrow when we go down and see the farm animals visiting the local park.

And if you are wondering where the photos are...they are coming. Master Ethan is tucked away in bed and the camera is in the bedroom, we all know you NEVER wake a sleeping baby - especially when said baby is teething

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