Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sewing for babies

So in my wisdom somewhere i decided that i would do some sewing for the premmie babies in NICU. You know that whole give something back feeling that we all get at times. So after putting it off for so long i pulled out the patterns and started sewing. After i completed the first one, i felt fantastic. A because it was easier to sew than i expected and b because it actually looked half decent!

So now i have been sewing up a storm. I have a nice little bundle of gowns that are ready for their snaps. Figure i would give myself something to do while Jack has his sleep study done this Wednesday night.

Now to make a visit to the NICU to give them their gift. I am sure they will be over the moon...might have to take Master Ethan along for the visit, i know they wont believe he is the same baby that was there just 7 months ago.

Here is one of the gowns, half finished but still cute none the less!

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